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Detroit Document Management Services

Do you need help converting your records and documents to a digital format? At Detroit Document Scanning Service, we offer affordable, high-quality document management services for homes and businesses around the state. Find solutions for all of your conversion and storage needs and project sizes.

Contact Detroit Document Scanning Service if you need help with document scanning and digitization, records storage, hard drive destruction, or paper shredding.

About Detroit Document Scanning

Detroit Document Scanning is a full service document management company that serves the entire state of Michigan. We offer professional scanning and off site storage services for homes and businesses.

No matter the size of your job, we would like the opportunity to talk with you about it and give you a free quote. By choosing us you can sleep at night knowing the job will be done correctly and delivered on time.

Our business is your source for high-quality, secure scanning and record storage services. Companies who convert their documents to a digital format can find the right information faster and easier, increasing their employee productivity and optimize their document management processes.

document management services detroit

Popular Services in Detroit, MI


From traditional documents to microfiche/microfilm and large-format scanning, we handle all forms of data conversion.


Keep documents safe and secure in nearby climate-controlled, compliant facilities.

Medical Records Management

Specialized, complaint scanning solutions for healthcare and medical records.

Going Paperless

Easily access and manage your digital documents using an electronic document management system (EDMS).

Benefits of Document Management Services

Document management offers a myriad of benefits for organizations, and Detroit Document Scanning excels in providing comprehensive solutions. The scanning services, including indexing and OCR, facilitate the transformation of physical documents into easily searchable and accessible digital formats. This not only enhances efficiency but also reduces the physical storage space required, contributing to cost savings. Detroit Document Scanning’s cloud storage ensures secure and convenient access to documents from anywhere, fostering collaboration and flexibility among team members.

The off-site professional storage, characterized by climate control and top-notch security measures, guarantees the preservation of critical documents while freeing up valuable office space. Additionally, the shredding services offered by Detroit Document Scanning ensure the secure disposal of sensitive information, aligning with data protection regulations. The backup tape rotation further enhances data resilience, providing a robust disaster recovery strategy. In essence, Detroit Document Scanning’s holistic document management solutions streamline operations, improve accessibility, and fortify data security, thereby empowering businesses to focus on core objectives with confidence.

document management services detroit
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Frequently Asked Questions

document management services Detroit

What sets Detroit Document Scanning’s off-site storage apart from other options? Our partners’ off-site storage facilities are professionally managed, climate-controlled, and equipped with robust security measures. This ensures the preservation of your documents in optimal conditions while protecting them from environmental factors and unauthorized access. This solution not only ensures document safety but also frees up valuable office space for more productive use.

Why should I consider implementing a professional document management system for my home? Document management for homes brings order and efficiency to your personal space. By organizing and digitizing your important documents, you reduce clutter, make information easily accessible, and enhance overall household productivity. It also provides a secure backup for essential documents, protecting them from loss due to unforeseen events like natural disasters or accidents.

How does home document management contribute to security and privacy? Professional, secure document management enhances security by providing a digital repository for your sensitive information. Storing documents digitally adds an extra layer of protection against physical damage, theft, or loss. Implementing secure backup practices ensures that your valuable documents are safe and can be easily recovered if needed. Always use secure, password-protected systems to safeguard your digital files.